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see Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
off-diagonal elements
off-line comprehension tests
Test procedures
off-line identification tests
Test procedures
Oglesby's model
System characteristic modelling | System characteristic modelling | System characteristic modelling | System characteristic modelling | System characteristic modelling | Example | Example | Example
omnidirectional microphone
see microphone, omnidirectional
on-line comprehension tests
Test procedures
on-line identification tests
Test procedures
on-line monitoring
see monitoring, on-line
one-tailed hypothesis
Simple hypothesis testing | Simple hypothesis testing
Acoustic-phonetic transcription | Functional laboratory tests | Segmental quality testing | The Bellcore Test | The Bellcore Test | The Bellcore Test
open response identification
Field tests | SAM Standard Segmental | CLuster IDentification Test (CLID) | The Bellcore Test | Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) | Haskins Syntactic Sentences | SAM Semantically Unpredictable | Harvard Psychoacoustic Sentences
open-set speaker identification
Recommendations | see speaker identification, open-set
operating systems (OS)
Operating systems\indexoperating systems (OS) | Operating systems | Recommendation: Requirement profiles | Recommendations on lexicon structure
operational capabilities
Spoken Language system design | Introduction | Introduction
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Statistical language models | Stochastic language modelling
orthographic alternation
see alternation, orthographic
orthographic break
Applications of morphology
orthographic noise
Orthographic information
Lexical information as properties
out-of-vocabulary word
Speech modelling and syntactic | Rejection mode | Monitoring and validation | Lexica for spoken language | Basic features of a | Implications of the perplexity | Implications of the perplexity | Recommendations | Experimental results | Isolated word scoring | Vocabulary | Representative databases | Linguistic parameters | Test material selection | Test material selection
out-of-vocabulary words
Basic features of a
overall quality
Recommendation: Requirement profiles | Global vs. analytic assessment | Global vs. analytic assessment | Overall quality reference conditions | Recommendations on choice of | Judgment laboratory tests | Judgment laboratory tests | Judgment laboratory tests | Recommendations on judgment testing | Preliminary remarks | Segmental tests | Judgment tests of prosody | Voice characteristics tests | Introduction | Overall quality testing | Overall quality testing | Conclusion: summary of test | SAM Overall Quality | ITU-T Overall Quality Test

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