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Modified Rhyme Test (MRT)


Status Completely developed test.
Goal Diagnostic  and comparative evaluation of the intelligibility of single initial and final consonants.
Languages Originally American English [House et al. (1965)], adapted to German [Sotscheck (1982)].
Items Fixed set of (originally) 300 meaningful CVC words, consisting of six lists, each with the first 25 items varying in initial consonant and the final 25 items varying in final consonant. Later variants [Logan et al. (1985)] had mixed instead of blocked presentation.
Procedure Closed response  identification among six meaningful alternatives, differing either in the initial or the final consonant. An example of a response set for a final consonant is peas, peak, peal, peace, peach, and peat. There is also a variant with open response identification  among all meaningful CVC words known to the subject [Logan et al. (1985)].
Time With an interstimulus interval of 4 sec, about 25 min per synthesiser.
Analysis Intelligibility is expressed as the percentage correct initial and final consonants, or overall percentage correct consonants.

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