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The Bellcore Test


Status Completely developed test.
Goal Diagnostic  and comparative evaluation of the intelligibility of sequences of one or more consonants in initial and final word position.
Languages American English [Spiegel et al. (1990)].
Items Fixed set of 312 CVC-items, containing two tokens of nearly all onsets  (N=62), nearly all plain offsets (N=63), and a subset of 31 (out of 111) offsets with phonetic affixes . Of each pair of tokens one is presented in a meaningful word, the other in a meaningless, but phonotactically legal word. Examples: meaningful versus meaningless onset  swan versus swog, plain offset warmth versus dorth, offset with affix  dropped versus globbed.
Procedure Open response identification  in normal spelling.
Time With all 312 items and an interstimulus interval of 6 sec (recommended), about 40 min per synthesiser.
Analysis Manually. Intelligibility is expressed as the percentage correct onsets  and offsets or the percentage of cases where the phonemes  occurring in the response correspond with a phoneme  in the stimulus.

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