Short Bio

Zoltán Boldizsár Simon is research fellow at Bielefeld University. He has been assistant professor at Leiden University, and currently he is a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.

He has written extensively on the theory and philosophy of history, on historical time and questions of temporality, and on the challenges posed by technology and the Anthropocene to modern historical thinking. His articles can be read in the journals History and Theory, European Journal of Social Theory, Anthropocene Review, History of the Human Sciences, Rethinking History, European Review of History, the Journal of the Philosophy of History, and the Journal of Social History.

Zoltán's first book History in Times of Unprecedented Change: A Theory for the 21st Century came out in 2019 with Bloomsbury. His second book The Epochal Event: Transformations in the Entangled Human, Technological, and Natural Words was published by Palgrave in 2020.

Zoltán is involved in a large variety of collaborative projects. He is editing a volume on the current shape of historical understanding, together with Lars Deile. With Kirill Postoutenko and Willibald Steinmetz, he is putting together a special issue for Time and Society (2021) with the title "Temporal Comparisons: Evaluating the World through Historical Time."

Finally, Zoltán is engaged in a large scale and long term agenda-setting collaboration with Marek Tamm since 2017, which involves co-authored articles, co-editing a theme issue for the Journal of the Philosophy of History (2020) on "Historical Thinking and the Human" and a collective research programme / publishing experiment in cooperation with the journal History and Theory under the title "Historical Futures." Teaming up with History and Theory, the project features contributions in an experimental serial publishing format on a rolling basis in each issue of History and Theory over the course of the next couple of years, starting with the March 2021 issue.

04/2021-08/2021 Visiting fellowship at Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

04/2020- ERC Preparatory Fellowship at Bielefeld University

08/2019-04/2021 Assistant professor at Leiden University

10/2018-11/2020 Deputy speaker of the Center for Theories in Historical Research at Bielefeld University (board member since January 2017)

04/2018-10/2018 Research fellowship

10/2017-12/2017 Research associate at Bielefeld University

    Historicism and Constructionism: Two Ideas of Historical Change. Project within SFB 1288 / Practices of Comparing: Ordering and Changing the World

04/2014-09/2017 Doctoral research associate at the BGHS

2008-2014 Independent researcher

2003-2008 Studies in History

    ELTE, Budapest