Association for Mathematics of Language

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Fifth Meeting on Mathematics of Language

Schloss Dagstuhl
August 25-28, 1997

Sponsored by
The Association for Mathematics of Language
(A Special Interest Group of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL))

Program Committee

Papers Presented

All papers from MOL5 are available at
  • Bertolo, Stefano; Broihier, Kevin; Gibson, Edward and Wexler, Kenneth: Characterizing Learnability Conditions for Cue-based Learners in Parametric Language Systems
  • Brown, Stephen and Lyon, Caroline: Evaluating Parsing Schemes with Entropy Indicators
  • Burheim, Tore: Emptiness, Membership and Regular Expressions for Tree Homomorphic Feature Structure Grammars
  • Dalrymple, Mary; Gupta, Vineet; Lamping, John and Saraswat, Vijay: Relating Resource-based Semantics to Categorial Semantics
  • Frank, Robert; Hiller, Markus and Satta, Giorgio: Optimality Theory and Generative Complexity
  • Harbusch, Karin: The Relation between Tree-Adjoining Grammars and Constraint Dependency Grammars
  • Hendriks, Herman: Compositionality: Similarity versus Interpretability
  • Hepple, Mark: A Dependency-based Approach to Bounded & Unbounded Movement
  • Heylen, Dirk: Agreement Modalities
  • Kahane, Sylvain: Bubble Trees and Syntactic Representations
  • Kallmeyer, Laura: Local Tree Description Grammars
  • Kohlhase, Michael and Kuschert, Susanna: Dynamic Lambda Calculus
  • Kulick, Seth: An Exploration of Some Extensions of Tree Adjoing Grammars
  • Langholm, Tore: Towards a Model-Theoretic Characterization of Indexed Grammars
  • Manaster Ramer, Alexis and Savitch, Walter: Generative Capacity Matters
  • Moshier, M. Andrew: How to solve Domain Equations Involving Path Equations
  • Nakanishi, Ryuichi; Takada, Keita and Seki, Hiroyuki: An Efficient Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Context-Free Languages
  • Nederhof, Mark-Jan: Solving the Correct-prefix Property for TAGs
  • Penn, Gerald: Parametric Types for Typed Attribute Value Logic
  • Rambow, Owen: A Polynomial Model for Unrestricted Functional Uncertainty
  • Rogers, James: A Unified Notion of Derived and Derivation Structures in TAG
  • Sarkar, Anoop: Separating Dependency from Constituency in a Tree Rewriting System
  • Zuber, Richard: Some Algebraic Properties of Higher Order Modifiers