Association for Mathematics of Language

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Fourth Meeting on Mathematics of Language

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, USA
October 26-28, 1995

Sponsored by
The Association for Mathematics of Language
(A Special Interest Group of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL))
The Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (IRCS)
University of Pennsylvania

Program Committee

  • David Johnson (IBM, Co-Chair)
  • Aravind Joshi (Penn)
  • Andras Kornai (IBM)
  • Lawrence S. Moss (Indiana)
  • R. T. Oehrle (Tucson)
  • Carl Pollard (Ohio State)
  • Eric Sven Ristad (Princeton)
  • William Rounds (Michigan)
  • Walter Savitch (UCSD, Co-Chair)
  • Robert Wall (Austin)
  • David Weir (Sussex)

Papers Presented

  • James Rogers, University of Pennsylvania
    Grammarless' Phrase Structure Grammar
  • Owen Rambow, CoGenTex, Inc., K. Vijay-Shanker, University of Delaware & David Weir, University of Sussex
    Formal Properties of D-Tree Grammars
  • Andras Kornai, IBM Almaden Research Center
    Quantitative comparison of languages
  • Eric Sven Ristad, Princeton University
    Natural Strings
  • M. Cassandro, Universita di Roma A. Galves Universidade de Sao Paulo
    Language acquisition and change in a generalized Gibson-Wexler model
  • Kevin Knight USC/Information Sciences Institute
    Learning Word Meanings by Instruction
  • Partha Niyogi and Robert C. Berwick, MIT
    A Dynamical Systems Model for Language Change
  • Wlodek Zadrozny, T. J. Watson Research Center
    The Compactness of Construction Grammars
  • Annius V. Groenink, CWI
    An Elegant Grammatical Formalism for the Class of Polynomial-time Recognisable Languages
  • Eberhard Bertsch, Ruhr University & Mark-Jan Nederhof, University of Groningen
    Complexity and Closure Results for Deterministic Context-free Languages
  • Owen Rambow, CoGenTex, Inc. & Giorgio Satta, Universita di Padova
    Synchronous String Rewriting
  • Chris Culy, University of Iowa
    Formal properties of natural language and linguistic theories
  • M. Andrew Moshier, Chapman University
    Is HPSG Featureless or Unprincipled?
  • Robert Kasper, Andreas Kathol, Carl Pollard Ohio State University
    A Relational Interpretation of Linear Precedence Constraints
  • Bob Carpenter, Carnegie Mellon University & Paul King, University of Tuebingen
    The Complexity of Closed World Reasoning in Constraint-Based Grammar Theories
  • Ariel Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University
    Generics and Alternatives
  • Tim Fernando, University of Stuttgart
    Ambiguity under changing contexts
  • Hans-Ulrich Krieger, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
    Typed Feature Structures, Definite Equivalences, Greatest Model Semantics, and Nonmonotonicity
  • R. T. Oehrle, University of Arizona, Tucson
    LFG as Labeled Deduction
  • Seth Kulick and Aravind Joshi, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science:
    An Application of Typed Label-Selective lambda-Calculus to Formal Grammar
  • Koen Versmissen, Universiteit Utrecht
    The conjoinability relation in categorial logics