S.-Y. Kuroda Prize 2015

The 2015 SIGMOL S.-Y. Kuroda Prize is awarded to Edward L. Keenan (University of California, Los Angeles).

Edward Keenan's academic career has been driven by a strong determination to contribute to formal models and studies of natural language. His 1985 book (with Faltz) “Boolean Semantics for Natural Language” established a whole new field. His extensive work on generalized quantifiers has inspired generations of academics working on this topic; as of this year, his 1986 article (with Stavi) “A Semantic Characterization of Natural Language Determiners” has been cited more than 600 times. His contributions to the interactions of mathematical logic with linguistics and to formal models of syntax are widely acknowledged. In awarding the S.-Y. Kuroda Prize to Edward Keenan, the Association for Mathematics of Language (SIGMOL) acknowledges his enduring and irreplaceable contributions to mathematical linguistics.

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