After graduating from Humboldt University Berlin in 2005, I received my PhD from Ruhr University Bochum in 2010. My PhD thesis explored the story and fate of Jewish entrepreneurs from Frankfurt am Main between the 1920s and the 1960s, and was published under the title "Handeln und Überleben. Jüdische Unternehmer aus Frankfurt am Main 1924-1964" (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2012). From 2007 to 2012, I held positions as a research assistant at the universities of Berlin, Cologne and Bochum. In 2012, I joined the history department at Bielefeld University as a lecturer (Akademischer Rat) in political history. My reseach interests include 20th century transatlantic history, the history of media and mass communication, the history of the social sciences, transitional justice, the history of Nazi Germany and the history of the Cold War. My second book on propaganda, intelligence and communication research in the US, Germany and the Soviet Union from the 1920s to the Cold War was accepted as a habilitation thesis by the history department in June 2019. In my current research, I focus on the societal and economic transformation since German Reunification 1989/90 and the role played by experts and social scientists in this process.

Complete Publication List

Selected Publications:

  • "Knowing the Enemy. Propaganda Experts, Intelligence and Total War 1941-1945." KNOW. A Journal on the Formation of Knowledge 4 (2020), No. 2.
  • "Restitution, Memory and Denial: Assessing the Legacy of Dispossession in Postwar Germany" in Dispossession. The Plundering of German Jewry 1933-1953, ed. Jonathan Zatlin and Christoph Kreutzmüller, 263-281 (Ann Arbor: U of Michigan Press, 2020).
  • "The Foundation 'Remembrance, Responsibility and Future' 1999-2007. The Final Chapter of Compensation for Nazi Injustice?," in Compensation in Practice. The Foundation 'Remembrance, Responsibility and Future' and the Legacy of Forced Labour during the Third Reich, ed. Constantin Goschler, 54-78 (New York: Berghahn Books, 2017).
  • "Propaganda, psychological warfare and communication research in the USA and the Soviet Union during the Cold War." History of the Human Sciences 29 (2016), No. 4-5, 59-76.
  • "Nazi Economic Policy, Middle-Class Protection and the Liquidation of Jewish Businesses 1933-1939," in National Economies: Volks-Wirtschaft, Racism and Economy in Europe between the Wars (1918-1939/45), ed. Christoph Kreutzmüller, Michael Wildt and Moshe Zimmermann, 108-120 (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2015).
  • "Culture, Entertainment, and Listening Habits in the West German Discourse on Radio in the 1950s." German Politics and Society 32 (2014), 15-29.
  • Handeln und Überleben. Jüdische Unternehmer aus Frankfurt am Main 1924-1964 (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2012).
  • (Co-authored with Christoph Kreutzmüller and Ingo Loose) "Nazi Persecution and Strategies for Survival. Jewish Businesses in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Breslau 1933-1942." Yad Vashem Studies 39 (2011), 31-70.
  • "Im Bann des Raums. Der 'Osten' im deutschen Blick vom 19. Jahrhundert bis 1945," in Das Prinzip "Osten". Geschichte und Gegenwart eines symbolischen Raums, ed. Gunter Gebhard, Oliver Geisler and Steffen Schröter, 21-50 (Bielefeld: transcript, 2010).
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