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This file is local to the SAM workstation. It provides information used for the recording process (OROS board type and address) and for completion of the label file header, as well as registering the number of files recorded on the workstation.


BTY: 2                            Oros board type (1: AU21  2: AU22)  
ADR: 784                          Oros board address 
LOC: I.C.P. Grenoble (FR)         Recording place 
NUM: 0000                         First file number 
NSC: 1                            Number of monitors

SAM 1992. ``File formats'', in: ESPRIT Project 2589, Multi-lingual speech input/output assessment, methodology and standardisation, ``User guide to ETR tools'', Ref: SAM-UCL-G007, University College London, pp. 15-28.

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