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Recording conditions file

A Recording Conditions File is selected (and can be modified) prior to each recording session. Some of the entries are accessed for completion of the label-file header, others are for general reference. A number of files specifying different recording conditions can be stored and selected when requested. It describes a referenced set of recording conditions.
1.RCD 1 is recording conditions code 1, implying that this file is the first of a number of defined conditions.

SCD:    start of conditions 
RCC:    1                   recording condition code 
VER:    V3.0                label version 
VOL:                        needed for label file 
DIR:                        needed for label file 
SNB:    2                   sample byte number 
SBF:    01                  sample byte order 
SSB:    16                  sample significant  bits 
NCH:    1                   number of channels 
LGG:    0                   laryngograph used or not 
PCN:    1                   protocol code number 
SAM:    20000               sampling frequency (20kHz is {\sc Sam} 
                            standard for EUROM.1ff)
MIN:                        micro name
MIT:                        micro type
MIP:                        micro position      
MID:                        micro distance
NOB:                        noise bandwidth
NOL:                        noise level
CHB:                        channel bandwidth
CHN:                        channel noise
FLT:                        additional filter
PRO:                        external processing 
ENV:                        environment
ECD:                        end of condition

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