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SAMPA: Present status


Tables B.1 to B.6 present the system agreed among the representatives of eight European countries engaged in European collaborative speech technology assessment research (SAM). It is currently being tested in the transcription and labelling of European multilingual databases.


IPA SAMPA ASCII Open- Front- Rounded- Comment
Close Back Unrounded
a a 97 open front unrounded
A 65 open back unrounded
æ { 123 near-open front unrounded English bad
tex2html_wrap_inline45375 6 54 near-open central unrounded German Butter
ipta Q 81 open back rounded
tex2html_wrap_inline45241 O 79 open-mid back rounded
e e 101 close-mid front unrounded
tex2html_wrap_inline45175 E 69 open-mid front unrounded
tex2html_wrap_inline45173 @ 64 mid central unrounded Schwa
3 51 mid central unrounded
i i 105 close front unrounded
tex2html_wrap_inline45169 I 73 near-close front unrounded lax
o o 111 close-mid back rounded
ø 2 50 close-mid front rounded
9 57 open-mid front rounded
& 38 open front rounded
u u 117 close back rounded
U U 85 near-close back rounded lax
} 125 close central rounded
tex2html_wrap_inline45189 V 86 open-mid back unrounded
y y 121 close front rounded
Y 89 near-close front rounded lax
Table B.1: Vowels 


IPA SAMPA ASCII Voicing Place Manner
b b 98 voiced bilabial plosive
c c 99 voiceless palatal plosive
ç C 67 voiceless palatal fricative
d d 100 voiced dental/alveol. plosive
tex2html_wrap_inline45233 D 68 voiced dental fricative
f f 102 voiceless labiodental fricative
g g 103 voiced velar plosive
G 71 voiced velar fricative
h h 104 voiceless glottal fricative
j j 106 palatal approximant
k k 107 voiceless velar plosive
l l 108 dental/alveol. lateral approxim.
L 76 palatal lateral approxim.
m m 109 bilabial nasal
n n 110 dental/alveol. nasal
J 74 palatal nasal
tex2html_wrap_inline45193 N 78 velar nasal
p p 112 voiceless bilabial plosive
r r 114 alveolar trill
, R 82 uvular trill/fricative
s s 115 voiceless alveolar fricative
tex2html_wrap_inline45205 S 83 voiceless postalveolar fricative
t t 116 voiceless dental/alveol. plosive
tex2html_wrap_inline45321 T 84 voiceless dental fricative
v v 118 voiced labiodental fricative
w w 119 labial-velar approximant
x x 120 voiceless velar fricative
H 72 labial-palat. approximant
z z 122 voiced alveolar fricative
Z 90 voiced postalveolar fricative
? 63 stød, glottal stop
Table B.2: Consonants 


tex2html_wrap_inline45175 e~ 69,126 Nasalised vowel
atex2html_wrap_inline45169 aI 97,73 Diphthong
ttex2html_wrap_inline45205 tS 116,83 Affricate
rd 114,100 Retroflex consonant
u0 117,48 Mid-close rounded central vowel in Swedish
n =n 61,110 Syllabic /n/
E/ 69,47 Indeterminacy (for /e/ - /E/ in French)
Table B.3: Two character symbols 


: 58 Length mark
tex2html_wrap_inline45207papa "papa 34 Primary stress (also in Accent I words in Norwegian and Swedish)
papa ""papa 34,34 Accent II words in Norwegian and Swedish
papa %papa 37 Secondary stress
¯ papa -papa 45 Level tone (if followed by a tone group boundary)
papa 'papa 39 Rising tone
papa `papa 96 Falling tone
papa `'papa 96,39 Fall-rise
papa '`papa 39,96 Rise-fall
$ 36 Syllable boundary
| 124 Tone group boundary
- 45 Separator
Table B.4: Boundary and prosodic features 


* 42 Conjunctor
... 46,46,46 Silent pause
92 Phonetic case shift (e.g. *F might be used to signal
a shift into French and would terminate the shift.
Table B.5: Currently under discussion


§ 21 Phonological phrase
# 35 Word boundary
## 35,35 Absence of liaison
+ 43 Morpheme boundary
Table B.6: Currently used in French work 

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