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EAGLES workplan

Work towards the EAGLES objectives was conducted in accordance with two phases of activity each of roughly fifteen months duration (see Figure 1.2). Interim recommendations were released to the speech and language communities at the halfway point during 1994.

Figure 1.2: The EAGLES workplan 

The initial activity was to conduct a survey of existing resources and standards. This was achieved by contacting people working in the field, identifying priority requirements, assembling working papers, reports and material, identifying relationships with other activities, scoping the EAGLES activities, producing an initial survey report and disseminating it within each Group and externally. From this survey, a set of initial recommendations was disseminated to the communities for comment.

The second phase of the project involved obtaining and evaluating the feedback to the initial recommendations, identifying areas of further development, producing and disseminating a set of final recommendations and obtaining feedback on the final results.

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