MOL 2019 Accepted Papers

Gábor Borbély and András Kornai. Sentence Length
Yoad Winter. Presupposition Projection and Repair Strategies in Trivalent Semantics
Henrik Björklund, Frank Drewes and Petter Ericson. Parsing Weighted Order-Preserving Hyperedge Replacement Grammars
Jeffrey Heinz and Chihiro Shibata. The Convexity of Strictly k-Piecewise Stochastic Languages
Jane Chandlee, Remi Eyraud, Jeffrey Heinz, Adam Jardine and Jonathan Rawski. Learning with Partially Ordered Representations
Jane Chandlee and Adam Jardine. Quantifier-free least fixed point functions for phonology
Phillip Burness and Kevin McMullin. Efficient learning of Output Tier-based Strictly 2-Local functions
Colin Zwanziger. Dependently-Typed Montague Semantics in the Proof Assistant Agda-flat
Thomas Graf and Aniello De Santo. Sensing Tree Automata as a Model of Syntactic Dependencies
James Rogers and Dakotah Lambert. Some classes of sets of structures definable without quantifiers