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Key Tropes


Olaf Kaltmeier and Eleonora Rohland

Rethinking the Americas: The Routledge Handbook on Political Economy and Governance in the Americas, vol. II part II, Routledge: New York (2020).

Key Tropes


Key Tropes


Rohland, Eleonora

Sharing the Risk. Fire, Climate and Disaster. Swiss Re, 1864-1906.
Lancashire: Carnegie Publishing/Crucible Books, 2011.

Key Tropes


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Prof. Dr. Eleonora Rohland
Professor for Entangled History in the Americas (Early Modern Period)

Director Center for InterAmerican Studies (CIAS)

Faculty for History, Philosophy and Theology

Department for Ibero-American History

Center for InterAmerican Studies


Universität Bielefeld
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33501 Bielefeld

Office: X B2-212
Phone: +49 521 106-3251
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