Prof. Dr. Eleonora Rohland
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Guest Lecturers


  • Prof. Dr. Ted Beatty, University of Notre Dame, USA
  • Professor for History with a focus on the economic history of Latin America (Mexico in particular) in the 19th und 20th century, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Keough School of Global Affairs and Faculty Fellow of the Kellogg Institute of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame.
    Guest Lectureship vom 10.06.-01.07.2017, gefödert durch das International Guest Lectureship Program of Bielefeld University
    Teaching: Master History/ InterAmerican Studies: Natural Resource-Use in the Americas, 1500 to Present


  • Professor Dr. William O'Reilly, University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall
  • Professor/ senior lecturer for Early Modern History, Associate Director of the Center for History and Economics, University of Cambridge, full-time fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study Budapest. William O'Reilly has worked on a range of topics in early modern European and Atlantic history, and is particularly interested in the history of European migration, colonialism and imperialism.
    Guest Lectureship from June 14-30, 2016, funded by the International Guest Lecutreship Program of Bielefeld University
    Teaching: Master History/ InterAmerican Studies: Empire(s) and Migration: The Americas and South-East Asia in Comparison, 1500-1850



    Prof. Dr. Eleonora Rohland
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