D. Gibbon: Recent Talks and Courses

(format PDF, some also ODP)
2017 Language documentation for linguistics and technology, Skype presentation at ELKL-5, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, 2017-02 Also on SlideShare
2016 Prosody Lectures, Lecture Series, Jinan University, Canton/Guangzhou, 2016-10-25_2016-11-15
Prosody Lectures, Summer School "Contemporary Phonology and Phonetics", Tongji University, Shanghai, 2016-07-09_15
"Linearity and the simplicity of Language", Bielefeld Linguistic Colloquium, 2016-04-20 (PDF)
Python Tutorial Slides, NWU, Potchefstroom, SA, 2016-04-06...08 (7 Units, slides, PDF, zip)
Language technology - what endangered languages can teach us, presentation at ELKL-4, Agra, India, 2016-02 Also on SlideShare
2015 "Dylan Thomas and Wales", guest talk, Bielefeld, 2015-12-09 (slides, PDF)
Text Technological Foundations of Language Documentation, DAAD project seminar, Bielefeld, 2015-11-11 (PDF)

"Cockney, Shaw and Major Barbara", guest talk, PDF, Bielefeld, 2014-11-25 (slides, PDF)

D. Gibbon
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