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Obviously mispronounced words that are nevertheless intelligible will be marked with one star before the word which is mispronounced, e.g. `*transportation' when `transportetation' was said. Words preceded by a star include mispronunciations such as words with extra or omitted syllables, but a star should not be used to indicate pronunciations of words that represent normal dialectal (e.g.\ ``warshed'' for ``washed'' or ``cah'' for ``car'') or stylistic variation (e.g. ``bout'' for ``about'' or ``wanna'' for ``want a'' or for ``want to''. If the speaker would not consider the pronunciation an error, the star notation should not be used. Obviously, there may be some clear and some unclear cases; transcribers should use their best judgment.

For languages with extremely long words (like German), it is possible to put a star in the middle of these words if they are mispronounced.

Note: This differs from the ATIS convention which used two stars.

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