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Codes used for presentation protocol (Protocol Description File)

Syntax is S1:  <Field_ID>:<value>
       or S2:  <Field_ID>:<value>, <value>, <value>, ...

CLS: ClearScreen and put cursor to 0,0
VON: Video attribute ON: the following attributes are activated (S2)
Authorized attributes are:  center    : text will be centered
                            blink     : blinking mode
                            inverse   : video inverse mode
                            underline : text will be underlined
                            bright    : text will be bright
VOF: Video attribute OFF (S2)
BEL: ring bell
MSG: message to be displayed according to valid video attributes
NWL: newline on screen
PAU: n (integer) = duration of the pause in seconds
TRN: set training mode, no recording
CMT: comment
RWD: rewind external file (corpus text file)
GET: n (integer)
     n: number of items to be read in the external file (corpus text
file) then displayed and recorded (if recording mode is activated) or 
not (if training mode is activated)
DTA: (string) Data. The item to be displayed (and recorded or not) is 
given here.
EXT: extension to previous line.
SKP: n (integer)
     n: number of lines to be skipped in external file (corpus text 
LOP: -n, m  loop in the present file
     n: number of one-line-back in this file
     m: number of iterations
REC: recording mode activation
BCK: n (integer)
     n: number of one-line-back in the external file (not yet 
RET: waiting for a CR (carriage return) 
NOTA: Using the "GET: 3" command, will produce the following effect:
      -> Using Manual or Automatic mode:
getting the three next items in the text file, displaying them and 
recording them as a single item.
      -> Using Continuous mode:
getting the three next items in the text file, displaying them one 
after the other, and recording them without any discontinuity.

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