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Label file header format


LHD: header keyword + version (version V4.0, March l991) 
FIL: file type 
TYP: specific file type (eg prompt orthographic, spoken orthographic, 
phonemic, prosodic etc)
DBN: database name 
VOL: database volume ID 
DIR: directory (for the source file) 
SRC: source file name 
CMT: comment 
TXF: name of the textfile (comment on what this is supposed 
to contain - namely what was intended to be said, ie prompt
file.txt or nothing (if it is a prompt or free speech label
file then could be left blank) but could be a file containing
CMT: comment 
SAM: sampling rate 
BEG: labelled sequence start position 
END: labelled sequence end position 
RED: recording date 
RET: recording time 
REP: recording place 
SNB: number of (8-bit) bytes per sample 
SBF: sample byte order 
SSB: number of significant bits per sample 
RCC: recording conditions code (define a set of values, micro 
type, position..) 
NCH: number of channels 
SPI: speaker information: sex, age, native language 
PCF: protocol file name (recording protocol used) 
PCN: protocol number  
CMT: comment 
EXP: labelling expert 
SYS: labelling system 
DAT: date of completion of labelling 
SPA: SAMPA version - note 2...and 3.... refer to different levels
CMT: comment

Note that the SAM labelling tool PTS requires all fields to have an entry otherwise it will not open the label file; ``-'' should be entered when the information is not available.

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