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The intent here is to provide guidelines for actors in the technical and economic chain, from algorithms to products, who are concerned with speaker recognition . These actors are research scientists, development engineers, equipment manufacturers, service providers and end users.

  1. Research scientists should investigate the basis of biometric identity verification. This fundamental research will eventually suggest new approaches. They are also responsible for the specification of methods and databases to evaluate these approaches. Part of the research should be rather applied to demonstrate that fundamental results will benefit society. Scientists should be well aware of new needs of our society and should suggest solutions.
  2. Development engineers are in charge of the integration of algorithms on real-time  platforms. They should be well acquainted with results obtained under laboratory  conditions. They should interact with researchers to scale the implementation aspects of algorithms. They usually work for equipment manufacturers.
  3. Equipment manufacturers need to select the best algorithms and platforms to offer competitive systems. They must be well aware of market trends. They should provide evidence and results of case studies to help predictive assessment. They must claim results on public databases. They should offer demonstrations and make systems available to facilitate evaluation.
  4. Service providers are responsible for products. They should compare alternative technologies to solve problems. They must carefully design the ergonomy of the man-machine interface and run field tests .
  5. End users will finally decide the success of applications.

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