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The EAGLES project has been fundamentally conceived as a community undertaking. This breadth of participation is reflected in the following list of active members, technical authors and contributors whose corporate efforts have cumulatively resulted in the EAGLES handbook of standards and resources for spoken language systems .

As well as the chairman/host/rapporteur management team and the members of the Working Group mentioned earlier, the following individuals have made substantial contributions to the construction of this handbook:

Principal technical authors: F. Bimbot, L. Boves, G. Chollet, K. Choukri, E. den Os, C. Draxler, N. Fraser, D. Gibbon, P. Howell, L. Knohl, V. Kraft, H. Ney, R. van Bezooijen, V. van Heuven, D. van Leeuwen

Contributors: W. Barry, C. Benoît, D. van Bergem, J. Blauert, M. Cartier, P. Dalsgaard, C. Delogu, J. Esling, K. Fellbaum, A. Fourcin, M. Grice, V. Hazan, U. Jekosch, D. Johnston, H. Klaus, K. Kohler, L. Lamel, J. Llisterri, F. Neel, G. Pérennou, J. van Santen, H. Steeneken, A. Syrdal, I. Trancoso, J. Wells, B. Williams, J. Zeiliger

Editorial Support: D. Gibbon, I. Mertins, J. McNaught

EAGLES SWLG SoftEdition, May 1997. Get the book...