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Analysis of results

Basic statistics, ANOVA

Within SAM , a program called SAMITPRO  was developed that can do an Analysis of Variance  (ANOVA), cf. Chapter 9, on the test results scored by SAM_SCORE . The technique used is called ``iterative proportional fitting''. The goodness of the fit is expressed by Pearson's tex2html_wrap_inline46647. The input of the analysis program is DBMS   format. For availability, see Appendix E.

Confusion matrices


Based on the confusion matrix, a multidimensional scaling analysis can be performed. For this purpose, the confusion matrix has to be transformed to a symmetric matrix (i.e. tex2html_wrap_inline46837), and analysed by multidimensional scaling analysis (HDSCAL ) such as developed by [Carroll & Chang (1970)]. Examples of this procedure can be found in [Steeneken (1989)].      

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