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It is very important to define the training material  for a recogniser . This means specifying

For many purposes, the training  and testing sessions  are integrated in an overall procedure. For example, the purpose may be tuning the specific recogniser  parameters for maximum performance under certain conditions. In this case, it is recommended to split off a certain fraction (typically tex2html_wrap_inline46833) of the training material  and use that for the development test .

In such case, one can actually alter the composition of the development test  part of the training material  from time to time, in order to prevent ``training for the development test material''.    However, for an actual benchmark  of the performance of the system with the final settings of the parameters, unseen test material should be used.

For the purpose of tuning parameters of the recogniser , select a part of the training material  as test material.  Change this selection from time to time.


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