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Capability profile versus requirement profile


Some ways to classify a speech recognition system and speech quality  have been described. Generally, a recognition system can only cope with some of the parameters in the ``difficult'' region, and must yield towards the other conditions. For instance, a large vocabulary  speaker independent  continuous speech  recogniser   only performs well on undisturbed, read speech  of a known domain (vocabulary  and grammar ), and a speaker-independent     telephone speech real-time  recognition system may be designed to recognise digits only. In this way, the capabilities of a particular recogniser  with respect to all the conditions define a capability profile.

It is a very good idea to realise that the requirements of a particular application define a similar application requirement profile which is generally different from the capability profile of most recognition systems.

Before you choose your set of recognisers  to assess, define the requirements of the application, if any, and compare those with the specifications of the recognition systems.


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