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The objectives of the Spoken Language Working Group were progressed through a series of meetings and workshops which took place during the course of the project. Each event involved members of the main Group and selected Subgroups. The primary workshops took place in London (24th-25th February 1993 and 5th July 1993), Cambridge (1st-2nd November 1993), Paris (19th-20th January 1995), London (9th-10th March 1995), Lisbon (24th-25th May 1995) and London (4th-5th December 1995).

The initial workshops focused on the development of a detailed structural outline of the proposed handbook and activities were initiated in all of the identified technical areas in parallel. Subsequent workshops reflected the adoption of a more pipelined approach and this enabled the more well developed technical areas to be progressed to completion at an earlier stage.

The penultimate workshop in Lisbon was concerned with finalising the overall style and content of the handbook and involved over thirty participants (two-thirds from university research laboratories and one-third from industrial R&D establishments).

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