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Recommendations on resources

The following recommendations should be seen in conjunction with recommendations made after the following more specialised sections of this chapter.

  1. In preparation for decisions on the use of resources, distinguish between lexical database  and the system lexicon. 
  2. Identify the types of information required for the lexical database  and the system lexicon.
  3. Consider the relevant lexical database  models and system lexicon architectures. 
  4. Develop a systematic concept for the tools required in producing and accessing a lexicon or a lexical database,  prior to construction of such a database.
  5. For information on resources in specific areas of spoken language systems, consult the other chapters and appendices in this handbook.
  6. For information on resources which relate to written language, consult the other EAGLES working groups.
  7. For general information on resources consult the organisations ELRA (European Language Resources Association) and LDC (Linguistic Data Consortium).

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