Prof. Frank Riedel

Title Presentation Coauthors Status
Dynamically consistent preferences under imprecise probabilistic information
Jean-Marc Tallon, Vassili Vergopoulos IMW Working Paper 573
Uncertain Acts in Games
IMW Working Paper 571
Knight-Walras Equilibria
Patrick Beissner IMW Working Paper 558
Disambiguation of Ellsberg Equilibria in 2x2 Normal Form Games
Benoît Decerf IMW Working Paper 554
Dynamically Consistent α-maxmin expected utility
Patrick Beissner, Qian Lin IMW Working Paper 535
Non-Implementability of Arrow-Debreu Equilibria by Continuous Trading Under Volatility Uncertainty Patrick Beissner IMW Working Paper 527
Subgame-Perfect Equilibria in Stochastic Timing Games Jan-Henrik Steg IMW Working Paper 525
Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Choice with Ambiguity Qian Lin IMW Working Paper 497