Igo - Wei Qi - Baduk

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International Baduk News
A marvellous match between two young taiwanese Pros
You need a SGF-viewer
the Tromp-Tayler Go rules, intended for beginners.
Dialects of Go rules
Really exact Go rules (you need a DVI-viewer).
Go problems, surely not only for mathematicians, mostly by Ger Hungerink.
Harry Fernley has some more problems for Go puzzlists
On line access for interactive Play and Chat with

  1. in Korea for Baduk (located in Seoul)
  2. in USA for Go (located in Minneapolis)
  3. in China for Wei-Qi (located in JiLin)
  4. in Japan for Igo (located in Kanagawa)
  5. in Taiwan for Goe (located in Hsinchu)
  6. in Canada for Go
They are sorted by average number of on-line users. On the first listed Go server, IGS, new amateur players from the Japanese or Korean domain have to pay for connection! I-Net bought this software from Tim Casey who developed it from the Chess server source code in 1992.
The second, NNGS, is Eric Van Riper's public Go server and the others are official (like the Japanese) or inofficial (like the Chinese) copies of Eric's. He puts his UNIX/C-source code for this Go server in public domain!
Go-Spielabende in Deutschland
A SGF to PS converter to layout and print Go records.
cyclic Go configurations
A professional Top Go Game (you need an animated-gif-capable browser)
Online Go Playing

Achim Flammenkamp
1998-11-05 14:30 UT+2