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The interdisciplinary research activities at the Chair of Industrial Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology center on the application of enzymes as valuable and environmentally friendly catalysts in organic chemistry with a particular focus on industrial applications. Besides process design of biotransformations, the combination of chemo- and biocatalysis and the development of corresponding multi-step one-pot bioprocesses as well as biocatalysis-based industrial production processes are aims, thus enabling technically feasible greener routes to pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals as well as bulk chemicals. In the latter field a further research focus is the conversion of biorenewable raw materials for the production of industrial chemicals. Among chemocatalytic technologies being used in our group, a particular focus is on high pressure technologies such as hydroformylation, for which a pilot plant has been established in addition to our chemical and biological research lab infrastructure. Besides batch processes we are also investigating flow chemistry tools as a further process option in process development. Furthermore, since recently we are also increasingly utilizing and developing flow techniques for automation and self-optimization of synthetic processes.

Thus, at a glance, our core competences include:

  • Biocatalysis
  • Chemoenzymatic synthesis
  • High-pressure technology
  • Industrial projects
  • Flow chemistry & automation
EFRE-Projekt "Nachhaltige Produktion von Nitril-Industriechemikalien"
(Grand no. EFRE-0400138)