Getting Around in Los Angeles by Bus

If you worry about public transport, let me tell you that Los Angeles not only has plenty of buses (which are cheap, only around a 75 cents to 1.50 per trip) but also a very convenient web site, the Trip Planner, that calculates your connection, tells you how much you have to pay, and when to change buses.

Go to Trip Planner

If you want to make inquiries, it accepts queries such as going from LAX (airport) to UCLA. It will then ask you as for UCLA which stops you want to use. For shortest walk, use UCLA Hilgard. The three bus stops are in close distance, so other choices are fine too.

To and From the Airport (= LAX)

There is a direct bus connection to Westwood, and UCLA. You may either check the web site of the Linguistics Department for information and useful maps, or use the trip planner to find out. Basically, your best connection is the Green Line (or Culver City) Bus Number 6, going along Sepulveda Boulevard all the way to UCLA Ackerman (it is not worth changing buses to get to Hilgard, just walk). The only complication in this is that the buses do not stop at the terminal itself. Rather, they stop at Lot C, which is a car park. There are free buses at Los Angeles Airport that take you from the terminal to Lot C, where you can then get on the bus.

Express Bus LAX-UCLA

Starting mid June there is an Express Connection between UCLA and Westwood, stopping only at LAX (each terminal!) and UCLA. The fare is USD 4 one way. More than a standard bus but still far cheaper than a taxi. The link shows you a map. Opposite the bus stop is UCLA parking lot 36. There is a bus stop in front of that parking lot. That is where the UCLA bus shuttle stops. It is a free service offered by UCLA. It takes you to Murphy Hall (the actual bus stop is in front of the faculty center), and from there you can walk to IPAM within 5 minutes.

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