Lecture Notes

This page contains notes on my lectures. None of these notes is published so you may use them for your purposes. Please give due credit.
  1. "Formale Methoden I und II. Bielefeld, 2008--.
  2. "Informationsstrukturierung, Bielefeld, 2012--.
  3. "Einf├╝hrung in die Computerlinguistik und Sprachtechnologie", Bielefeld 2008--.
  4. "Introduction to Computational Linguistics". Spring 2005.
  5. "Language and Space". Based on a seminar held several times at UCLA. This is the version of spring 2008.
  6. "Introduction to Linguistics". Lecture LING 20, UCLA. This is the version from fall 2007.
  7. "Introduction to Probablity Theory and Statistics for Linguistics". Seminar UCLA, 2006.
  8. "Diskrete Mathematik und Logik". University of Cottbus. Summer 2001.
  9. "Einf├╝hrung in die Semantik". Potsdam University, 1999.
  10. "Agreement Morphology, Argument Structure, and Syntax". Kurs, Utrecht ESSLLI. 3. Revision. 2005.
  11. "Nearness and Syntactic Influence Spheres". The ESSLLI lecture of Barcelona, 1995. A monumental project which tries to express conditions on trees with so-called nearness conditions in more standard ways. I should have worked on this more at that time but I simply lacked the time then.
  12. "Formale Sprachen". This is the manuscript for a lecture held at the FU Berlin.
  13. "Partial Logic", Utrecht, 1992.

Marcus Kracht
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