Praat TextGrid to CSV (spreadsheet format) Converter

Dafydd Gibbon, 2008-08-12


  1. The online converter below, and the Python scripts listed below, are intended to extract label and time-stamp information from TextGrids for use in spreadsheet applications such as OpenOfficeCalc, Excel or Gnumeric. To use the Python scripts with Windows, Python 2.7 must be installed; with Linux, Python 2.7 is pre-installed out of the box. External Python libraries are not needed.
  2. Note if you use double quotes (e.g. as a stress mark) that they are re-coded as '*', so if you need to use '*' (e.g. as the SAMPA conjunctor or escape character), beware! (The reason for this is that the double quote is conventionally used as a string delimiter by spreadsheet software and use of a double quote inside a string therefore confuses this software.)
  3. If you find other errors, they may be due to other special symbols in the labels. If you suspect this, please replace the special symbols, and let me know which symbols were involved.
  4. Python scripts for converting TextGrids to TAB-separated CSV files (offline):
    Tier of single TextGrid to
    Single TextGrid to
    Directory of TextGrids to (2016 adaptation for ordered files in subdirectories, by Maarten Renckens, READSEARCH project).

Online version of

Load your TextGrid file into a text editor, then copy and paste the contents into the field below (check this TextGrid example):