Garden of Eden / Orphan

On 23rd June 2004, the current record was significantly improved: This Orphan , needing only 113 cells, is the new record-holder for smallest size. And its corresponding 72-bit Garden of Eden, , fits in a 12x11 rectangle.
As usual the challenge remains: Can you find a smaller one --- i.e. proving that your example has no predecessor in Game of Life and has fewer living cells or needs a smaller area for residence? YES

Note: during the search I encountered this 13x10 rectangle which has this 15x12 rectangle as its unique predecessor. There is also the open problem whether a configuration exists which can be backtracked uniquely in time. In the case of a stable configuration, J.H. Conway has set a prize of $50 for its discovery or proof of nonexistence.

Achim Flammenkamp
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