The LC Lab



  1. Saga 2013 (‘Solutions for automatic gaze data analysis’)

  2. CITEC-ABLE workshop December 2014

  3. ESLP 2011, ESLP & CSDL 2010, ESLP 2009, & ESP 2007 - for details on the Embodied and Situated Language Processing Workshops see here


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BA & MA topics - please contact Dr. P. Knoeferle

Example topics:

  1. Effects of actions, speaker gaze, mimics, and gestures on language comprehension

  2. Spatial language processing

  3. Language comprehension with virtual agents as speakers

  4. Studies with older adults and young children

PI:  Pia Knoeferle, PhD

Professor of Language

and Cognition (W2)

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Dr. P. Knoeferle

Cognitive Interaction Technology

Center of Excellence,

CITEC Building Room 2.036

Inspiration 1

Bielefeld University

33615 Bielefeld


Tel: 0049521-106-12250

Group members


  1. Eye tracking

  2. Event-related brain potentials (in collaboration with UC San Diego, Kutas Lab among others)

Language & Cognition Group


  1. Michele Burigo, PhD

Graduate students

  1. Dato Abashidze

  2. Raymond Becker

  3. Katja Münster

  4. Eva Maria Nunnemann

  5. Alba Rodriguez

  6. Lu Zhang

  7. Friederike Voss (NTNU, co-supervised)

  8. Katharina Wendler

  9. Thomas Kluth

  10. Eva Maria Nunnemann

Student helpers, interns, and undergrads

  1. Clara Matheus, Anna-Lena Zurmühlen, Jasmin Bernotat, Melanie Schrader

Former lab members and collaborators

  1. Ernesto Guerra, PhD

  2. Maria Nella Carminati, PhD

  3. Helene Kreysa PhD

  4. Lily Kornbluth (Fulbright), Jens Apel, Emilia Ellsiepen

In the News

  1. Research-based teaching: article in “Scheinfrei”, p. 22, Westfalenblatt, 15.10.2013

  2. Online chat-interview with

  3. Article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (a national newspaper in Germany). If you know German, here’s a pdf copy of the article. Read about the talks at ESLP 2011.

  4. Times of India, 20.12.2010

  5. TV broadcast in the BR-alpha series "Was wir noch nicht wissen" (‘What we don’t know yet’). June 19, 2011, 20h. Watch it here.

Organization and teaching