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  • Dr. Mahshid Mayar

    Assistant Professor | wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
    North American Literature and Culture
    Faculty of Linguistics and Litrature
    Bielefeld University
    Postfach 10 01 31
    33501 Bielefeld

    Office: UHG C4 - 222
    Office Hours: Mondays 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
    E-Mail: mahshid.mayar[at]uni-bielefeld.de

    Dr. Mahshid Mayar

    I am a research associate at the English Department, Amherst College, MA, and an assistant professor of American Studies at Bielefeld University. My current research and teaching interests lie in 21st-century protest poetry and political literature, new empire studies, historical childhood studies, 19th-century cultural history of the U.S., history of race and racialization, and critical game studies.

    My first book, Citizens and Rulers of the World: The American Child and the Cartographic Pedagogies of Empire , has been published by the University of North Carolina Press.

    A literary critic and a cultural historian of the U.S., I currently work on two book projects:
    - Erasure: Poetics, Politics, Performance (Habilitation/second-book project) interrogates the politics and poetics of silence and silencing in a book project that attends to the political, the historical, and the aesthetic in contemporary U.S. erasure poetry.
    Silence and Its Derivatives: Conversations across Disciplines (essay collection co-edited with Dr. Marion Schulte / under contract with Palgrave Macmillan) offers a cross-disciplinary survey of silence and silencing across the humanities.

    I have held fellowships at the University of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and at Amherst College, Massachusetts.