The Hungarian Language: Past and Present

UCLA, May 5 & 6 2006, 1648 Hershey Hall

Department of Slavic Languages and Department of Linguistics

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Aim and Scope

The aim of this conference is to bring together linguists and scholars of Hungarian to discuss aspects of the Hungarian language. More


Organisers and Venue

The workshop is organised by Johanna Domokos (Department of Slavic Languages) and Marcus Kracht (Department of Linguistics) and is hosted by the Department of Slavic languages of UCLA and co-hosted by the Department of Linguistics of UCLA.



Unless you are an invited speaker, you will have to take care (and pay) for your own accommodation. You can find a list of hotels by clicking here. If you are short of money, we can try and find someone who can put you up.



Information will be made available at (this page). For more information contact Marcus Kracht or Johanna Domokos.
Marcus Kracht
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