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Uyghur demo text in Uyghur Latin Yëziqi (ULY) script:

Sources for Uyghur

ISO 639-3:uig
Ethnologue:Uyghur: a language of China
Encoding: Saimaiti, Maimaitimin & Zhiwei Feng. 2007. A syllabification algorithm and syllable statistics of written Uyghur. Proceedings of the 4th Corpus Linguistics Conference, Birmingham, UK. PDF
Omniglot: Writing systems and languages of the world.
Wikipedia: Uyghur alphabets.
Data: Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Uyghur
Keywords: Uyghur, concordance, ILG, interlinear glossing, transliteration, wordlist, frequency list, language documentation, computational lexicography.

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