Arne Hellmich's speech synthesis and lexicography tool demos

  1. Talking Translator: A tool that combines Google Translate and Cepstral's TTS system SWIFT
  2. DerivAn: A morphological decomposition and phonetization module for text-to-speech - MA thesis project: a tool which analyzes German derivations and tries to phonetize them for the use with Cepstral's TTS system SWIFT.
  3. Talking blogs: A plugin for the Weblog publishing system Wordpress which synthesizes blog entries using Cepstral's TTS system SWIFT. See also Poznan 2006 speech synthesis workshop presentation.
  4. Speech synthesis for weather forecasts: With forecast2pho it is possible to transform written English weather forecasts into .pho-files which can be used as input for the speech synthesizer MBROLA. It is also possible to generate .wav-files with the help of MBROLA and the voice en1.
  5. Modern Online Dictionary: A universally applicable bilingual online dictionary developed with PHP and MySQL.