ProsTest (Parametric Prosody Testbed): English

(ParaProTest V02 2007-12-10)

MBROLA PHO+WAV generator: Dafydd Gibbon; English lexicon and settings: Class participants

Lexicon-driven: no syntax analysis, only words from SAMPLE SENTENCES, no OOV words.


Currently a pronunciation lexicon restricted to words from SAMPLE SENTENCES below.

Global pitch contour model
for pitch1 to pitchn:
pitchi = baseline + (onset * slopei)
b = o = s =
phoneme-to-phoneme jitter range:
Final f/r pitch contour model
slope: interval:
Global duration model
Final lengthening model
slowdown: interval:
Not yet available.
For input, switch your browser character encoding view to Unicode UTF-8.
If the input sentence contains typos, or the words are not in the lexicon, the generator will fail.

Note that creating new PHO + WAV files will delete all older ones created by yourself and by others.


If any characters look strange, switch the browser display to Unicode UTF-8 character encoding.

The lexicon covers the following sentences
(and any other sentences containing only words from these sentences)
Sa'da Bader, Christin Müller, Catharine Oertel (phonetically rich sentence with all English phonemes): A poor man, wearing a hat, can now put ten ships across the bay with same pets, thin boys eating beans, but no good peers.
Carolin Rieger, Sandra Busch: The class counts either for PM1 or for PM2 but not both. Participants are required to produce course portfolios on the web, and to update them every week.
Catharine Oertel: The tiger and the mouse, were walking in a field, when they saw a big lump of cheese, lying on the ground.
Andreas Windmann: Select a text domain (text type and topic) with a suitable text, for input to a TTS (speech synthesis) system.
Anja Müller, Benjamin Heidtmann: Gibbons are small apes. They are social animals, and strongly territorial. Most species are threatened, or endangered.
Christin Müller: A dream, is an experience, of a sequence of images, sounds, ideas, emotions, or other sensations, usually during sleep, especially REM sleep. The events of dreams, are often impossible, or unlikely to occur, in physical reality: they are also, outside the control of the dreamer.
Ines Grunwald: Sometimes, it's like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull, and cut a six-inch valley, through the middle of my skull.
Johanna Müller: StudiVZ, is the name, of a social networking platform, for students, in particular, college and university students in Europe, based in Berlin, Germany.
Jolanta Bachan: Perl is a dynamic programming language, created by Larry Wall, and first released in 1987. Perl borrows features, from a variety of other languages, including C, shell scripting (sh), AWK, sed, and Lisp.
Claudia Himmler & Patrick Johnson OMG! It's a massacre! Man down! No, hang on. It's Scary Spice.
Chiara Huber I was born in February 1985.
Marion Deppermann For the first time, in more than 60 years, a Colossus computer, is cracking codes at Bletchley Park. It will be used to crack messages, enciphered using the same system, employed by the German high command, during World War II.

Dafydd Gibbon Mon Dec 10 18:04:10 MET 2007