Praat TextGrid to MBROLA
synthesiser format (pho file) converter

Dafydd Gibbon, 2009-01-31

The seg format is:

file name | diphone name | | first sample | | | last sample v | | | middle sample V V V v #a.d16 _ a 2000 3910 2929 ak.d16 a k 2000 4027 2939 i#.d16 i _ 2000 4654 3228 ki.d16 k i 2000 3882 3150


  1. The TextGrid should only contain 1 tier, with the items to be paired as diphones.
  2. It will be assumed that the associated WAV file is sampled at 16000 kHz.
    If this is not the case, resample:
    sox inputfile.wav -r 16000 outputfile.wav
  3. The phoneme notation in the Praat annotation should correspond to the phoneme notation in the MBROLA voice you intend to create.
  4. MBROLA requires silent segments to be annoted with '_' (underscore). However, in some environments Praat apparently does not permit the use of underscore, so silent segments should
    1. either be annotated with some other convention, and replaced by '_' in the TextGrid file before conversion,
    2. or be annoted with 'SIL', which will be automatically replaced by '_'.
  5. If you find errors, they may be due to special symbols in the labels. If you suspect this, please replace the special symbols, and let me know which symbols were involved.

Copy and paste the your TextGrid into this field (check this example):