Praat TextGrid to MBROLA
synthesiser format converter

Dafydd Gibbon, 2008-08-12

Example TextGrid. Notes:
  1. The phoneme notation in the Praat annotation should correspond to the phoneme notation in the MBROLA voice you intend to use.
  2. MBROLA requires silent segments to be annoted with '_' (underscore). However, Praat apparently does not permit the use of underscore, so silent segments should
    1. either be annotated with some other convention, and replaced by '_' in the TextGrid file before conversion,
    2. or be annoted with 'SIL', which will be automatically replaced by '_'.
  3. If you find errors, they may be due to special symbols in the labels. If you suspect this, please replace the special symbols, and let me know which symbol s were involved.
  4. After testing this example (based for the 'en1' MBROLA voice), delete the example, then copy and paste your own).