A Convenient Calculator (Version 5, 2008-12-02)

Dafydd Gibbon, 2008-08-31

X: Enter a sequence of numbers separated by spaces (note: length limit 2000 chars):

Y: Enter a sequence of test value(s), optional (note: length limit 2000 chars):


  1. Note that the length of strings which can be transmitted to the server is limited. In the present case, the the field is 100 characters in length, but the character string should scroll to 1500 characters, which will be sufficient for 375 3-character values. However, note that some web servers do not support the transmission of such long input strings.
    Longer sequences should be calculated using a spreadsheet such as OpenOffice Calc, or MS-Excel, or other statistical software.
  2. Procedure - A number of arithmetic and basic statistical operations are performed on the input sequence:
    1. Addition and multiplication: all numbers in the sequence are added together.
    2. Subtraction: all numbers in the sequence are subtracted iteratively from the first.
    3. Division: the first is divided iteratively by each of the following numbers.
    4. For the test value(s), probability of similarity to sample is calculated.
    In addition, sum, mean, population variance and sample variance, population standard deviation and sample standard deviation are calculated.
  3. Possible applications:
    • Processing course grades.
    • Evaluating simple experiments.
    • Checking how much money/time/... you have left (subtraction)
  4. Further functions will be added from time to time.
  5. Testing phase. Please send information about calculation errors and bugs to