Non-Deterministic Finite State Transducer (NDFST)

English Syllables (V04, 2012-09-10)

The input is a sequence of x characters; the length of the output sequence is the same as the length of the input sequence.

Calculation takes time - watch your browser's download indicator!
Calculation time depends on FST complexity (size and non-determinism), parameter settings and (unpredictablely) server load:

  1. Fastest: Trace=off, Decoration=off, Graph=off, Compact=no
  2. Slowest: Trace=on, Decoration=on, Graph=on, Compact=yes

Trace=on is normally needed only for debugging.
Graph=on is useful for visualisation in general (in which case it is only needed once - the graph can be saved), but also for debugging.
Compact=yes shows the graph with sets of parallel transitions reduced to a single arbitrary member of the transition set.
Decoration=on additionally displays output item count and (with arrows) transducer Direction selection.

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