Sampa property lookup. D. Gibbon, 2012-10-22

X-Sampa property lookup. D. Gibbon, 2012-10-22

Select X-SAMPA vowel/consonant code:
!\ & 1 2 3 3\ 3` 4 6 7 9
: <\ =\ >\ ? ?\ @ @/ @` A B
B\ C D E F G G/ G\_< H H\ I
J J\ J\_< K K\ L L\ M M\ N N\
O O\ P Q R R\ S T U V W
X X\ Y Z _O b_< dZ d_< d_Z d` g
g_< h/ j\ l\ l` n` p\ r\ r\` r` s\
s` tS t_S t` z\ z` { |\ |\|\ |\|\_G }

ASCII sort order. (For diacritic and prosody codes see Sources.)

Select output properties:
Decimal element Decimal number
Hex element Hex number
  1. Original SAMPA definition (John Wells)
  2. Original X-SAMPA proposal (John Wells)
  3. IPA in Unicode (John Wells)
  4. SAMPA, X-SAMPA (Wikipedia, English)
  5. SAMPA, X-SAMPA (Wikipedia, German)
  6. SAMPA code table
  7. X-SAMPA code table (basis for this tool)

See also:
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