Garden of Eden / Orphan

On 21st December 2009, Nicolay Beluchenko from Russia again improved the record for the fewest number of living cells of any known Garden of Eden configuration by constructing this in both diagonals reflection symmetric orphan . It has 45 living cells and consists of 113 cells in total.

Also he discovered on the same day this orphan of size 129 which sets a new record for minimal density of on-cells to about 0.3876.

As usual the challenge remains: Can you find a smaller one --- i.e. proving that your example has no predecessor in Game of Life and has fewer living cells or fewer total number of cells as any orphan?YES

standings for Garden of Eden and Orphans record attributs2009-12-21
fewest number of living cells of Garden of Eden45
fewest number of totally needed cells for a minimal Orphan107
smallest rectangular bounding box11x11 , 12x10
lowest density of living cells for minimal Orphan0.388

Achim Flammenkamp
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