Garden of Eden / Orphan

On 6th September 2009, the current record was significantly improved by a discovery of Nicolay Beluchenko from Russia: This Orphan , needing only 109 cells, is the new record-holder for smallest size. Its Garden of Eden has 69 on-cells and fits into a 11x11 bounding box. Furthermore this pattern exhibits a quarter-rotation symmetry.

Moreover Nicolay Beluchenko discovered on 23th November 2009 this new record-holding Garden of Eden for minimal number of living cells, 59 on-cells, , which also fits into a 11x11 rectangle but its orphan is a bit larger needing 113 cells.
As usual the challenge remains: Can you find a smaller one --- i.e. proving that your example has no predecessor in Game of Life and has fewer living cells or needs a smaller area for residence? YES

Achim Flammenkamp
Last update: Bielefeld, den 2009-12-01 18:26:59   o'clock